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woodchuck 04-14-2008 02:04 PM

The park bench....
A place to stop by and toss some breadcrumbs about your day.

I am absolutely brimmingover with energy, but the legs are a little wobbly, and its only 30* outside, so here we sit for about an hour to let the outdoors warm up a little.
Then we'll get out, the kids to play and myself to prep a borrowed trailer for parbuckling two 8'6" x 28" red oak logs onto, and the rest of the tree gets butchered into firewood. This all to get done this evening after the wife gets home, so about two hours of good daylight.
Really, I would be happy to just get the logs on the trailer and come home, but if there's still enough light to safely see by, then I'll cut/load until its dark.
Wednesday is the only other dry evening to work this week, since the wife has stuff going on the other days, and thursday well, that's my whim day for another week or two.

I suppose starting a load of laundry to make use of the sunny forecast would be easy enough.


jeffus 04-14-2008 02:14 PM

Got an interview Wednesday!:cool:

sao95 04-14-2008 03:03 PM

wife's car got broke into, pushed the lock mechanism into the door panel, very odd, nothing taken, my truck and car totally unlocked, nothing taken, in the past my have been rifled through though, taken with the recent two flat tires on my car I'm starting to wonder if it isn't random crime and perhaps the focus of a darker intent on someone's part :confused:

woodchuck 04-14-2008 03:28 PM

Wife sent me an email regarding her companies outlook, if her terminal(truck freight) closes or she's let go, it'll be like falling off a cliff. We won't be able to sell this place and evict a renter fast enough to settle with the bank. The only job offer I've received since being a sahd paid $7/hr, straight pay, no ot, and no benefit of any kind, and they acted like they were doing me a favor. Hmph, wages like that I couldn't even afford to move back in with my mom.

Being a sahd is great in principal, but the millstone cometh.

To quote the most successful placement services in the Milwaukee area, " you are not marketable ".

woodchuck 04-14-2008 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by jeffus (Post 117965)
Got an interview Wednesday!:cool:

That's good news Jeffus.

jeffus 04-14-2008 03:46 PM

Sorry to hear about your woes Woody. Here's hoping for the best. * raises beer*

stretch 04-14-2008 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by woodchuck (Post 117983)
To quote the most successful placement services in the Milwaukee area, " you are not marketable ".

Looks like it's the entrepreneurial life for you, Woody. What about starting a tree service? How steep would the startup costs be?

woodchuck 04-14-2008 04:20 PM

There's always hope.

Our daughter has her class today, 20minutes with a teacher/therapist, for developing speech/comprehension related skills, and while that goes on, I try to squeeze in some errand or just engage the boy in some wordplay while we wait. Today I'll drop off the tax papers that required my signature, then take a run by the town wood drop site, to see if there's anything worth getting. The town forestry crew drops all the junk there, and amazingly not a single good trunk or straight limb, usually 30-60" crotches and rotted stuff, more work/cost than its worth.

woodchuck 04-14-2008 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by stretch (Post 117990)
Looks like it's the entrepreneurial life for you, Woody. What about starting a tree service? How steep would the startup costs be?

We've thought about that, but after working with the treeguy, I've seen the real side of that business;
Saws: $5500......+ chains,files,oils,
Bucket Lift: $60,000-225,000
Chipper:(used) $20,000
TopKick(chiptruck)(used): $10,000
Trailer for lift: 10,000#gvw, $3500
A truck (used) to tow trailer: $10,000
Liability Insurance, at least one ground guy($12/hr), professional climber when needed($75/hr), workmans comp, and other expenses...

Takes alot of work to generate the seasonal income to cover the payments on that equipment year round, plus money to live on. Getting a loan with hardly a pot to piss in, difficult I imagine.

A tough business to make and grow without a secondary full time income with benefits for a backup and to cover the lean times.

The wife wouldn't allow it on a daily basis, my health won't support a physically demanding job.

Hey, somebody else chime in here with what's going on in your lives today, you know, shopping, classes, playdates, its a thread for topics that don't need their own thread.

troy00690 04-14-2008 04:58 PM

Forgot about the 30 min commute to school today. Used to just waking up and watching 9yo get on bus. That was fun trying to get 3 kids ready and out the door. Going to try and get out side for a while to get the grass cut. I have not had to do that in 3 years.

We just moved in to a different place a few days ago. Big back yard. House is a lot smaller but it is nice and the design works well with us.

Jeff good luck with the interview.

Woody good luck with what you and you wife decide to do.

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