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DK7 05-06-2014 12:33 PM

Old timey beef stew
This could also be done with venison. It's how my father tricked us into eating it when we were kids.

(measurements are estimates, it's an imperfect science)

2lbs beef or venison cubed into 1 1/2 inch chunks
1/2 cup flour
1/8 cup oil
1 1/2 lbs chopped or baby carrots
1 1/2 lbs peeled and chopped (1in chunks) potatoes
1 whole bottle of dry red wine (I use malbec)
3 bay leaves
salt and pepper to taste

After chopping, dust beef with flour so evenly coated and brown sides in a heavy pot with oil in it. Remove and repeat until all meat is browned, you dont want to overcrowd the pot.
Return all the beef to the pot and add the carrots and potatoes. Add bay leaves, salt, and pepper.
Dump the entire bottle of wine onto the contents, and place in a 400F oven for about 4 hours. Stir contents every hour so there's no dry burnt pieces sticking out of the wine. Taste frequently after 2 hours. When the wine has thickened considerably and no longer tastes like wine, but amazing beefy gravy you should be done. Poke the carrots and potatoes with a fork to make sure they're soft enough to chew, and you're done!
Serve by itself, over rice, or my personal favorite; with sour cream.

Mark B. 05-06-2014 12:44 PM

Sounds Yummy! I would add some biscuits for mopping.

Electriclime 05-13-2014 03:20 AM

Pretty similar to the way I make mine. I use a box of beef stock and a cup of red wine and add mushrooms. Beef stew or pot roast is always great for leftovers.

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