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Theodor Blomqvist Dad 09-10-2019 10:34 AM

Share your experiences !
Hey everyone, Iím currently trying to motivate my dad to start living a healthier life - but I'm finding it hard to relate to him. He's been overweight for as long as I can remember, and it's finally starting to catch up to him

I have a very simple question:

1. As a father that wants to be more healthy and lose weight- what are the 2 biggest challenges youíre dealing with?

Thanks so much in advance - I appreciate all the help I can get!

Mark B. 09-10-2019 10:43 AM

Challenge #1: My professional sports teams suck and drive me to drink.

Challenge #2: I like to eat.

Kwak 09-10-2019 11:00 AM

First of all, welcome. Secondly, please be more specific with your own experience and your dad’s health situation. I see this is your first and only post, so perhaps others here might be a little more open.

As for me, I didn’t have a choice. My father is long deceased from a fatal heart attack that was enabled by damage done by a childhood illness. Suffice it to say, I’ve made it beyond the age he made it to and then some so I try to keep active though I struggle to commit and quite frankly I’m starting to slow down regardless from age and stress. All I know is that my family has a history of high cholesterol and he lived a sedentary lifestyle and smoked and drank frequently. I’ve started on meds and am trying to not be so hard on myself emotionally because stress has physical effects too. Eating and drinking is something that is actually more of a social stressor as it was when I was in school and it’s hard to see my kids react to their peers just as poorly.

Long story short, if my dad were here I’d just spend time with him and not solicit advice on that’s not asked for. Instead, lead by example in his presence. Inspiration is a bigger motivation than nagging.

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