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Kwak 12-07-2020 01:05 PM

We just got word overnight: virtual schooling in the public school district is extended until January 11th. This is not unforeseen - and quite frankly, we're kind of relieved. We're getting into a groove with having Joe come downstairs to do his schooling.

I'm sure the school district is under a lot of pressure to provide babysitting services from families in dire straits though. Meanwhile, in driving past the mall I see that the parking lot has been full. Things can't be all that bad. Happy ho ho, as we used to say.


Kwak 12-17-2020 04:44 PM

We got a half day due to the heavy snow taking down some power lines in the area so some kids were unable to get online.

Meanwhile, I've been tasked with emailing Joe's teachers to determine whether they're not updating his grades or if he's blowing off his homework.

GBDad 12-23-2020 07:46 PM

Cases continue to decline here from their peak in mid-November. To appease the squeaky wheels, the school district is allowing some voluntary sports and activities to start. Loosened the "gating criteria" to move to blended learning from 200/100K to 250/100K. We're still not even close. Last I heard we were still over 700. Their "blended" model has also changed. Was going to be half the kids Monday and Tuesday, everyone online Wednesday, the other half Thursday and Friday. Now, ALL kids will be going MTRF with Wednesday virtually and social distancing is not guaranteed. We had to make a selection by today if we wanted the kids to remain entirely virtual or go blended when it's safe to do so. Honestly, if they would have kept the first model, I probably would have been okay with that. Now that it's going to be all the kids every day, we decided to stay virtual. We can change our mind in April.

GBDad 02-12-2021 02:58 PM

Our school board kow-towed to a relatively small group of squeaky wheel parents who are sick of their kids (they have over 300 members on Facebook - district has over 20,000 students) and are opening schools March 1. Maybe. Until they change their minds again. Early in December they loosened the "gaiting criteria". The Facebookers kept squacking. Late January they decided they would start March 29 if vaccine was available to staff. The Facebookers kept squacking. Tuesday, vaccines don't matter anymore and we're starting March 1. I'm sure the Facebookers are still squacking and the teachers union is beside itself.

Wife really wants the kids back in school. The "mental health" argument. I'd prefer to keep them home, which is an option, but in the end I'm pretty indifferent at this point. We all had it, and aside from my 5 days in the hospital everyone did well. That said, variants are now showing up in the state, allegedly more resistant to precautionary measures - masks, hand washing, distancing, thoughts that they can be more easily spread on surfaces, and may not be covered by vaccines. But again, at this point, my attitude it really - WHATEVER!!!

Kwak 02-16-2021 12:49 PM

I think everybody is tired of being stuck home but IMO it's too soon - at least in my neck of the woods. Now is typically the worst time of year for any "crud" to go around, and with the different variants going around I think that it's a disaster in the making. Our state is rolling out the vaccines the craptastic way. PA is 38th in the nation and it's been like a feeding frenzy to get a vaccine even though a lot of the rural idiots and even some people in health care are saying they don't want it.

Regardless, next week both my kids will be back in school at least 4 days a week. Meanwhile, the inner city schools are sticking with remote until the end of the school year. I even talked to Dennis (porschephile) and NJ is doing the same.

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