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Mark B. 10-25-2018 06:47 PM

Dead USB Flash Stick
My wife discovered that the USB flash stick that has all of our family and friend's addresses and a few important professional docs of hers went kaput. UHG! I had stopped by a couple of computer stores a couple of weeks ago to see if it could be fixed and I was told no. She called me last night to see if one of the files she needed from the dead Flash drive was on my computer. No luck. I did a little more digging on the interwebz and found a couple of companies that do indeed try to fix the Flash Drives with very high success rates. The one I chose said the price starts around $60 and from the hundreds of reviews I read on their website they are very fast and reasonable. Gave them my information, I printed out a free Fed Ex label and put in the mail. They will do a free diagnostic test and get back to me with the plan. Will keep you posted. this will be a big help if they come through.

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