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irie feeling 09-16-2020 11:44 AM

Mine (only 2) happened after school at the bus stop. Word was out. No one would get off in our neighbor hood until the Cul-de-sac. Everyone in a circle. Everyone chanting, “kick his ass!”. Side bets taken by the fat kid. I remember vividly.
The first one I lost a tooth. It was called out of mercy. I was a bloody mess.

The second one, I broke a guys hand with my face. He sat right next to me in history class and skipped every one after that or was transferred out of it. You could hear the whispers the next day or 2 as I walked down the halls in school.
It was the day I became a stringbean, high-water wearing, badass.

irie feeling 09-17-2020 12:20 PM

Mom does math. It’s the first subject. I’m on my first cup of Joe. Mom has this.
Kid comes flying down the stairs, picks up cell phone and says, “I need this in my room for a timer!” Mom says, “Ok- honey.”
I’m thinking you believe the kid? It’s Math! There’s a calculator in that phone. I know my kid- She’s playing you, lady. But... I gotta keep my mouth shut.

Kwak 09-17-2020 10:24 PM

I am extremely frustrated with this automated system that they set up. It is not intuitive at all and the district seems to think that having the help desk open for one week was sufficient. :mad:

GBDad 09-18-2020 06:09 PM

A local high school teacher, 46, died of COVID "after a brief hospitalization for the illness." Our schools superintendent was on the news the other morning and left an audible chuckle when asked by the reporter if there was a timetable for kids to transition to classroom learning. We were just rated as one of 9 states to have "uncontrolled spread" of the virus. A single day record for the state with over 2,000 positive cases, 200 of them locally. You would like to think people would start getting the picture. But then we found an invite tucked in our front door to a neighborhood block party, "bring a dish to pass." The situation is so bad that NO FANS at all will be in attendance at Sunday's home opener for the Packers. Yet every bar in the stadium district is advertising how big their TVs are and their live music, all you can eat/drink, parties for the game. "If we can't pack Lambeau, let's pack the stadium district." Makes sense.

Kwak 09-18-2020 06:29 PM

Unfortunately, these people will experience the “herd immunity” by packing themselves into these establishments like cattle in a slaughterhouse. I recall a saying and had to look it up:

“God has special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

- Otto Avon Bismarck.

Kwak 09-28-2020 12:26 PM

There’s just one more week of virtual schooling for my 13yo. He’s looking forward to seeing his friends - if only for two days a week. I told him he still needs to do the asynchronous days at home though, to which he was not too pleased.

Meanwhile, the teachers are receiving more training on Schoology, the virtual classroom that has proved to be buggy - though a lot of it seems to be teachers’ errors. My AP kid is getting D’s and F’s because of it and I am mad. I’ve seen instances where extra credit is tallied in such a way that it’s just another test score so it counts as part of his regular average - and against his grade whether or not he does it. It also tallies up assignments before they’re actually due. Finally, Joe claims that some assignments don’t even have “submit” buttons - which of course I can’t verify because I don’t have access through the parents’ portal. I just see the transcripts into the database with notes the teachers put it.

If I hadn’t gotten an automated notification of low averages I would have been none the wiser. Maybe that’s partly on me but I see that I’m not supposed to escalate the issues to them; the teachers expect the kids to self advocate.

These are middle schoolers with millennial parents who are self involved and teachers who are struggling to appear “cool” but using cutesy interfaces while failing at doing the data entry. I am expecting that there’s going to be a curve on grading.

Oh - and PS: my kid is getting a 97% in physical education by sitting on his bean bag while locked in his room all day. Wtf?

GBDad 09-28-2020 05:25 PM

Less than a month! That's how long it took every public school district in Greater Green Bay to go fully virtual. Massive COVID outbreak statewide. Breaking records every day. Went from positive test rates in the 6-10% range at the end of August to pushing 30% right now.

Basically, once school started a good portion of the population said "F@$K it, we're done." Outbreaks tied to mass gatherings, bars, parties, weddings, etc. none of which are being distanced or requiring masks.

Politicians don't want to go on record or take any action so close to the election for fear of hurting their, or their party, chances. Governor, GB mayor, county executive, state legislators.....SILENT!

Mark B. 09-28-2020 06:27 PM

My sons college is opening back up next week in VA. Local schools here are opening up a few grades at a time starting this week.

Kwak 09-30-2020 12:38 PM

Tomorrow is a teacher training day so the kids have a "two hour delay" - which means that my kid doesn't have to roll out of bed until 9:25am. I'm checking his grades and seeing that a lot of stuff from this week hasn't even been posted yet. He's doing good in social studies but by and large some missed assignments early on have really torpedoed his grades - particularly in science which he has been good at. I'm surprised he's not doing better at geometry either; it's like the least abstract math class. The Spanish teacher has left it open for him to submit any missed work but all I can do is hound him to do so. I've told him he needs to do the extra credit.

GBDad 09-30-2020 03:33 PM

Our kids have a "short day" every Wednesday. So it's about 10:30 AM as I type this and they're both done for the day. Some parents are griping about it but having been a teacher I'm fine with it. I know the teachers need time to create the assignments, get them posted to the online platform, grade/review assignments, and provide feedback. And honestly, the time they're given on Wednesdays no where near covers the time they need to put in.

Even as COVID is exploding here, some parents in a nearby city are so incensed that their kids are not going to in person school that they're initiating efforts to recall 3 school board members. People just don't get it! Schools are closing all over the state and one of the worst affected areas is fighting to send their kids to school.

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