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Kwak 10-05-2020 12:38 PM

Day 1 of in person school for my 13yo. Busing is tight but I voluntarily drove him in. His allergies are bugging him so I'm expecting at some point somebody is going to give me a call to go get him.

There were lots of people driving their kids in so there was a long line of cars all jockeying for position and trying to go around others once their kid was out. It wasn't quite a charlie foxtrot though.

Kwak 10-06-2020 11:37 AM

Well, this is weird: two of Joe's teachers were no-shows. One (his reading teacher) was permanent, the other (his geometry teacher) we never received an explanation.

I'm waiting for them to pull the plug soon. Our school is the kind that calls a day at a mere "good chance" of inclement weather.

Kwak 10-16-2020 03:13 PM

The first grading period is almost over and Joe's grades have slid considerably. I don't know if it's puberty or virtual schooling that is torpedoing his grade but his mother is putting my feet to the fire to keep up on him via the school website.

She's absolutely right, but it's really hard to motivate somebody who locks himself in his room 20+ hours a day and gives attitude when you knock. Puberty is a wonderful thing. :twak:

Kwak 10-27-2020 11:35 AM

We got the notification from Justin's school that one of the students in a neighboring classroom tested positive for COVID-19 so they shut school down for 2 weeks. Bear in mind that many of these special needs kids are all high risk and cannot tolerate masks for long.

Meanwhile, yesterday Joe got a nervous stomach as I pulled up to the dropoff so he asked to come home and do virtual schooling. Yes, it sucks that he couldn't go to school but he didn't get marked as absent because he was still able to log on. It's not ideal but things aren't ideal right now and the world is changing.

Kwak 10-30-2020 01:28 PM

Our public school district was planning on going full in person on November 9th but with COVID numbers on the rise, teachers quitting, no substitutes to be found and one of the elementary schools having to be shut down for several cases they opted to stick with the A/B hybrid model for the foreseeable future.

Justin's school is also closed for another week for a single case in a classroom that is right off the main entrance. He's doing virtual sessions on his iPad again and I'm sure he's not getting the full benefit. Why can't we do holograms like they have in Star Trek? I say that from the visual interaction, not the tactile. There was a rudimentary technology for it 25 years ago involving overhead lighting and glass prisms that looked like fish tanks. It wasn't quite like Star Trek because it was blurry and the colors were off but it was true 3D projection along the lines of those "moving" stickers they used to have. It's sufficiently different from having to look at a flat screen that it could at least grab the shorter attention spans.

GBDad 11-10-2020 06:45 PM

A number of schools in our area remain defiant in the face ballooning COVID cases. Our district with their "gaiting" criteria has basically said that our kids will not be going to school all year. Which I'm fine with. They said that to go to a blended model the county's burden rate needs to go below 100 per 100K residents. Right now we're just under 1,400/100K.

Kwak 11-20-2020 02:46 PM

Our county went from "moderate risk" to "high risk" for COVID diagnosis rates this week after we had a couple of days of over 500 diagnoses. In our school districts, we would get reports almost daily about how a single case reported by a staff member would prompt them to close that building for a day and that people in contact with that individual would be contacted offline.

It only seemed to serve to appease parents who Kelly told me were very vocal on Facebook about how it was "unfair" to have the kids stay home. I can only imagine the bellyaching now that they decided to pull the plug on the hybrid model and take two weeks off to see if things would calm down.

Meanwhile, I'm watching our county dashboard and it appears that the curve is flattening but the spike was just a week ago - and it was the biggest yet. I'm thinking it was probably all the election activity that caused it.

Regardless, it didn't really hit home for us until Joe's social studies teacher tested positive. We asked him how close he got to his teacher and he told us 10 feet but never without a mask. We haven't received any direct notification from the school district regarding contact tracing. I strongly feel we need to get tested.

For now, I'm logging into both of the school's virtual classroom dashboards and trying to keep up on his grades. His teachers are not consistently posting the status of assignments and I continue to be frustrated by it. Joe tells me he did them but without proof I cannot believe him.

Kwak 11-21-2020 07:20 PM

We're still seeing lots of assignments not being turned in, so my wife took away his personal laptop and scheduled an IEP with the principle next Wednesday. The child is not happy. It's not fair, it's not his fault, it's fake news. He's holed up in his room and only comes out to eat fast food. I can't even tell him that that kind of behavior will hold him back in life.

GBDad 12-04-2020 06:05 PM

Mentioned a couple of posts ago that our school district set their "gaiting" criteria to get kids back in the classroom at a county "burden rate", however that is calculated, at under 100 cases per 100K residents. Got a letter from the superintendent this morning that the school board will take another look at it at the meeting on December 14. There are some squeaky wheel Facebook groups that want the kids back, 100%, fully in person now. Said it from the beginning, people who want their free daycare back. Hoping that the re-evaluation of it is just a courtesy to appease these people that, "Hey, we looked at it again, but we're sticking to our plan." The super said that 100/100K criteria is based on CDC recommendations and that at the start of the year the county's rate was about 200/100K. Then Labor Day weekend and POW! We hit a high of about 1400/100K and are still well over a thousand. Has gone down over the last couple of weeks but we haven't yet seen the effects of Thanksgiving gatherings.

In the political world, the state Republicans are holding COVID aid money for hospitals, small businesses, etc., hostage with a provision of "if you want the money, open schools now!"

First doses of the vaccine going to healthcare workers and nursing home residents set to go out in the next couple of weeks.

Kwak 12-04-2020 07:31 PM

Our township is apparently at 188/10K and they're planning on reopening schools for hybrid on Tuesday. Since my wife and I don't need the daycare we're opting to keep Joe home doing this thing called parenting. We're getting into habit of sitting down with him at the end of the school day to check to see what assignments he needs to do. On Friday we go over the entire week. All it took was taking him laptop. Also, part of the reason his Chromebook was running like crap was because he was too far from the router.

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