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I've lost a lot of weight following something similar to what Tomcat suggested. I had no choice but to cut my carbs and sugar intake. I was really good about for awhile, but have slipped a little lately. I'm down to around 211, which if you look at the past weight loss threads I was probably in the 255 range a few years ago. I try to incorporate organ meats in a meal at least once a week....liver is effing disgusting. I can eat it in liverwurst form, but I often find myself trying to choke it down with straight liver. That's after I prepare it with bacon and onions. I'm trying to eat grass fed meats, raw milk and and pastured eggs. Lots of healthy fats and try to use tumeric spices when I can to help with any inflammation. I'll eat raw butter and cook with that or tallow, or lard.

I've been doing this since August and my cholesterol actually went down, my blood pressure is good and the only thing I am deficient in is Vit D. I wasn't really good about taking my fermented cod liver oil to help with that.

I'm also trying to eat more vegetables and greens and trying to eat some of that raw. So far so good.
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