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I swear I need glasses and to "practice mindfulness" because I shouldn't be using "I'm getting old" as an excuse. I've never had the ability to focus in any capacity.

With regards to the bathroom renovation, the floor is just not level. Looking online, I've found many different methods and opinions on how to do that and it has caused me to doubt my own plan moving forward - causing me to take steps backward.

Long story short: I realized I made a mistake that I have to undo. I used the wrong type of wood panel for the subfloor. Instead of using exterior grade wood that is relatively stable I used project-grade wood that warped. So I tore it out and bought the right thing, which turned out to be less expensive than what I used in the first place. Today I need to cut that panel to size and screw it down. We'll see how level it will be so that I can move forward.
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