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Originally Posted by Mark B. View Post
Finished "The Invitation Only Zone" by Robert Boynton. It is the true story of the North Korean abduction of Japanese citizens that took place in the 1970's ans 1980's. After admitting the abductions some 25 years later North Korea said they only had about a dozen Japanese and only 5 were alive (and were returned to Japan) but other information has the numbers in the hundreds and nobody knows where these people are today. The best theory as to why North Korea did this was so that the young couples that they usually abducted (usually in Japan but some were taken all over the world) could be brainwashed and have children that would be raised in the North Korean culture yet have total Japanese DNA and the offspring could be used as North Korean spies in the future. If they were ever caught in Japan as spies their DNA would be totally Japanese and keep North Korea out of it. North Korea today scares me more than any other country. Their brainwashed and isolated people are hoping for a confrontation with someone. The bigger the better.
I think it was a Frontline that I watched on North Korea and how they were smuggling movies in and people out. Some of the undercover footage was crazy. The stuff they are being taught and force fed is crazy
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