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Setting up for my son's basketball team dinner at our house tonight. Should be between 25-30 people in all. Ya never know for sure though. Joining forces with another family. They are making penne in a meat sauce and salad and I am picking up chicken cutlet parm grinders from a local joint around here. All homemade grinders. MMM!

Holy Moly! The dinner was a big success! The boys mowed through 10.5 feet of chicken cutlet Parm grinders, 5 pounds of penne pasta that had 5 pounds of chop meat in it with of course lots of cheese, 2 pans of brownies, a full package of Costco chocolate chip cookies, a gallon bottle of Arnold Palmer Zero Ice tea and I don't know how much water and soda. Rumor has it that it was the best team pregame dinner of the season with a lot of bonding and team building. Sounds like good timing going into the playoffs.
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