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Originally Posted by 757dad View Post
Started changing out the outlets and face plates. The house was antique white (which looks more yellowy) from top to bottom when we bought it. Had the house painted last year when we moved in. Baseboards are nice and white so the outlets just look dingy. Did 8 outlets yesterday. Not hard just a PIA trying to jam the outlet back into the box and get it screwed in. Plus the new outlets are just a hair shorter so the wings on top don't hit right where the old ones did so it takes a little maneuvering to get everything straight. Going to start on the switches next week.
I need to change outlets throughout certain rooms in my house as well. I don't know what happens to the old ones but plugs just won't stay in and some are half dead so you have to flip a coin to decide which of the two plugs even work so they have to go. It's funny but I'm also motivated to change them all to white to match the baseboards as well. I even went the extra mile and spent $5 a pop of decorate outlet plates.

The old plates have been wanting to pop off as well because of short screws. I walked into the dining room this morning to inexplicably find one of the old outlet plates had fallen onto the floor. It's telling me it's time to change things!

I really want to put smart outlets in my kitchen though. It's been 22 years since the Great Toaster Fire of Valley Forge but I still have OCD over making sure appliances that generate heat are unplugged whenever I leave the house.
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