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In reference to the MNF Packers/49ers game...I was there. Listening to the Brewers game with earbuds. If I didn't already have tickets, I wouldn't have gone. Wife really wanted to go to the Packers game though.

Was at Game 7. Pretty rough. Very cool experience though. Made it to 4 of the 6 home playoff games. Not that it matters, but heard them talking on MLB Network radio that the Brewers were two swings away from sweeping that series. The Turner home run in Game 2, and a base hit in the 13 inning game in Game 4. Didn't get it done, but that's how close they were.

I think they'll be good again next year. But the Cubs are pissed and will do anything to buy their way back to the top. Harper? Machado? Another $150M Pitcher? Two of the three probably. Cardinals are going to get better. Tough to make the post season. This might have been the Crew's chance for this particular window. Not that they're going to get worse, but everyone else is going to get better.

Great season though!
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