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I don't know how anal retentive you guys get on fine details but I'm struggling with it on this step of the build. After months of sanding and dry fitting I still can't get a tight fit and I'm trying to think in 3 dimensions.

The issue here is how pieces are supposed to interlock up by the neck joint. There are two braces that intersect with a cross brace in that area that are called the "A" frame. They are meant to fit into two grooves in an extension to the neck block to keep that area from warping under the tension of the strings. This is to be the structural core of the guitar but either the grooves are too shallow or those A braces are too thick.

I'm thinking that former, but I can't route the grooves any deeper without gluing another thin piece of birch plywood underneath. That means another day of waiting for glue to cure after clamping it on.

Everything else seems ready to go. I should have a good angle, flat surface and straight line for the fretboard to sit on once I'm done with that side step.
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