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Originally Posted by dadswagg View Post
just wondering if theres anyone in the Central Florida area on the boards, I am in Orlando,
Welcome dadswagg! I am just outside Orlando. My SAHD-dom was part time at first, until the wife's work dried up. So although I am working full time, I still try to keep up with the boards. Plan is to get back to the home more often during the week in the future, but we'll see. As for the boards, there is great advice (or humor... or sometimes both) in many of the threads.

The only other I can immediately think of on the boards is MathDaddy (out of Kissimmee) and there might be a few more in the Central FL area but not sure (apologies if there are other Central FLs out there)...

A guy also posted about a weekly meet up at a park over in college park on Thursdays I think, but I could never make it over. You can check the meet-up threads. I think he went by Father Goose or something.

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