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Originally Posted by Damian Crowley View Post
Les Paul OWNS Elviiss.
Sorry, Chet Atkins pwns Les Paul. IIRC ol' Chet played classicals and archtops though - possibly Gibson or Epi archtops, I'm not sure. Chet's sig guitar was actually a brand called "Sand"

yeah alot of their newer guitars are just wow out there price wise and seems more corporate than muscian oriented like jackson guitars or martin seems. and epiphone is chinese made?! i thogught they were made by gibson at their factory?! so they are like the squire version of fender eh?
Yeah, about like that. Squiers were first made in Japan during the 80s but I don't think they had nearly half of the QC issues that the Chicoms have had. THe cost of labor went up afterwards so many US companies looked to Korea for their budget guitar production.

Gibson reportedly built their own factory specifically for the revived Masterbilt brand (which is only part of the Epi line, the rest being made elsewhere in Asia - like Korea or Singapore.) They build them by hand there but QC isn't done until they're unloaded from a mega-container ship in Long Beach, CA. I've seen a few nasty examples (cracks, scratches, gouges, etc.) with "2nd" stamped into the rear of the headstock at my local Guitar Center. IMO it's a sin that they even hang them up on the wall for sale, but don't get me started on Guitar Center's practices.

speaking of martin DH3 check this out
Only $20K? What a steal! There are "Authentic" and "Golden Era" models that fetch over $25K brand new. That guitar's probably worth a lot more.

BTW - that guitar can still be repaired. They'd have to steam it to remove the old top and then replace it, but that'd pretty much change the tonal character of the instrument.

Since we're playing one-upmanship here, bear in mind that Elivis wasn't the only one to make the D-35 famous. Johnny Cash, Steven Stills, Jim Croce and Ray LaMontagne also play(ed) one. Check THIS one out!

true , but i just cant help the immense possibilites of a classic les paul. they just sound so nice but MAN are their necks thick. One problem with me is i have small hands and stubby fingers so its annoying to play or bend strings sometimes.

but man oh man id LOVE to have a exact replica of Randy Rhoad's polka dot flying V built by the man him self Karl Sandoval

hard to belive that this shred machine was not put in a museum for all to see. :( You can still get it custom made by Karl but doesnt look like ill have $8,000 anytime soon
Apples and oranges. I used to like playing the electric and idolized the likes of Randy Rhoades, Eddie Van Halen (I even own a junky Kramer model), Vito Bratta Yngwie Malmsteen but calmed down a little and began to appreciate the more soulful ministrations of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, etc. In fact, I also have a Strat with a decent-sized tube amp but my wife put her foot down when I turned it up past "2."

Going back on-topic though, have you ever seen one of the Martin "Felix the Cat" models? Pricey in comparison to this Gretsch:

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