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Default Lendle.Me - Ebook Borrowing Service

This isn't a book review post, but I thought I'd put something up about a cool new website for ebooks called

I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I found the site on a recommendation from a friend and think it's really cool.

Basically, the site taps into the Kindle API which allows you to share Ebooks on kindle with other people. It's a social community of people who post which ebooks they have on kindle, then if the book is lendable, you can borrow it from them.

The site also has a subscription level where you can actually earn money from lending books to other people. It's pretty cool and I just did my first "borrow" the other day.

I've found that kindle books are generally pretty cheap, but this is a super cheap way to borrow a book.

If you end up registering(which is free), add me to your list of friends, maybe we have books to trade. I'm at


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