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Been a while since I checked in. Been a busy summer so far. This past week we went full-on Clark Griswold and loaded up the the Volks-WagonQueen Family Truckster and took the tribe cross country. Well, a decent portion of it. Set out on Wednesday, June 27, and spent a night in the Chicago area and took the kids to the Legoland Discovery Center. Then drove to Indianapolis and hit the zoo and Children's Museum (HUGE by the way) Thursday into Friday. Then on to the Cincinnati area and spent two days at a Great Wolf Lodge. Sunday in downtown Cincinnati for the Brewers/Reds. Cross the river on Monday to the aquarium in Newport, KY. Drive back to Chicago and spent Monday night. Tuesday went along Michigan Avenue and saw some sights and took our daughter to the American Girl store. Back home Tuesday night. Good Trip!

This weekend it's my wife's family's annual 4th of July gathering in our home town. So heading over there for some more 4th festivities.
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