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Sounds good, TwoCubs. I'd love to hear more about this. I like the idea of Hefeweizen. They've replaced shanties and summer ales as my summertime go to. There's a local microbrewery here that had a nice one that was buttery yet smooth with a nice balance of citrus vs. hops. Very smooth.

I have to admit that I'm tired of pumpkin anything though. It seems like most of what is out there is either missing something and are too "earthy" or they're just not smooth enough. If I want something that has the consistency of a milkshake I'd just get a stout, not a lager.

Don't even get me started on IPAs though. If I wanted something that had the aftertaste of shellac I'd drink lemon Pledge. Used to be that bitter beers were something to be avoided, but now it's the rage.
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