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The new Hall of Fame class will be announced next week. As always a lot of debate going on as to who belongs, "It's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Pretty Good!" And the "Steroid Era" only muddies the water.

There used to be sure fire benchmarks that made one a hall of famer. 3,000 hits. 300 wins. 500 home runs. Holding significant all time records. Etc.

I'm a numbers guy. I think there needs to be some kind of objective measure and perhaps "The Eye Test" can be used to admit or deny a borderline player.

A couple years ago a player was inducted by the veterans committee and most people said it was a tragedy that it took so long for him to be inducted and that it had to come to the veterans committee. Meanwhile, a few years ago, may have been the same year, a sportswriter voted for a player and the vote was viewed as a throw away - many saying he should be stripped of his vote for voting for such an obviously unqualified player. Here are their stats:

Gms:2243 Hits:2254 2B:365 3B:67 HR:342 RBI:1331 SB:35 SO:1343 AVG:.277
Gms:2313 Hits:2326 2B:440 3B:42 HR:188 RBI:1153 SB:141 SO:839 AVG:.282

So one guy is more of a power guy. The other more of a contact guy. But ultimately the numbers are very similar. One is in the hall. The other even receiving a single vote was viewed as a joke - worthy of revoking the writers voting privileges. If I look at these players, I don't think either is a Hall of Famer. One is in and held in VERY high regard by fans, media, and baseball people; the other a pretty forgettable, albeit decent career. Neither played for a World Series winner.

Guess the larger point is - it's a popularity contest. Based on your market, media exposure, your persona/charisma as viewed by fans and media, are ultimately more important than the numbers.

Any guesses on the players?
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