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I went to Lowe's, Michael's and Wal Mart yesterday. I bought autumn decorations on clearance at Michael's and selection was very sparse even though the real leaves have barely begun to turn. Since Saturday's gathering will be with our circle of wine connoisseurs I went with a grapevine theme instead of the bright colors. I bought $100 worth of stuff there at 70% off. Do the math.

Then I went to Wal Mart and bought my wife a little Eiffel Tower. There's no subtext there; she wants to go back to France. Candles are also really cheap there.

I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas, though. When I was a kid I had a train set with all the buildings. It was HO scale so I used all my Matchbox cars too. My FIL gave us his old Lionel set though. I've been afraid to put it out because it's probably collectible and the kids aren't into that kind of thing.

Meanwhile, Lowe's got none of my money. My wife is worried about money so she doesn't want to hire somebody to finish the bathrooms. That means it's on me.
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