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I am sick of our pool already and it is only July! I am the pool committee chairman in our hood. In the last week I have had a 12 year old stand on an acrylic table top to open an umbrella. The worst part was not that he went through it and cut himself, it was that the guard on duty put the damaged table that only needed a replacement top (that are being delivered today almost 2 months late) down by the dumpster to keep it safely out of the way and the garbage men toted it off not knowing they crushed a perfectly good $500 Sundrella table frame.

Prior to this posting I rifled off an email to a resident in our "AARP" section that she was NOT entitled to a 10 free guest passes as rumored by her posse even though in her original e-mail she told me she would probably never use them but "wants to find out how to get these things". I can't wait for Labor Day.
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