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[QUOTE=tt3;271820] Don't think you can cheat though, I remember thinking "one cookie won't hurt" and yeah, the scale notices one cookie. QUOTE]

No kidding. I had a few beers Thanksgiving evening, and that threw me way off. Felt like crap the next day (not hung-over, just tired). I weighed on Sunday morning and had bounced up 4 pounds. This morning, I'm down 5.3 pounds. So, a net loss of 1.3 for the week.

I could complain, but the heavy cream and butter alfredo sauce that I made last night for my chicken and steak leftovers was so rich and tasty. The buttery and fat-rich foods really do makeup for the lack of bread--not to mention that I haven't had a hunger pain since before Halloween.

Here's to another 2 pounds lost by next Wednesday.
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