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Housecleaning turned into:

Upstairs bathroom spontaneous project;
New faucet, the only hitch was the new one didn't include gaskets, so I called the wife who was out erranding with the kids and requested two cone washers for 3/8tubing, she came home with the right stuff, but they required some customizing anyway.
While waiting for her to get home, I removed the plywood covering access under the spa tub, and found a copper pipe in 'near burst' condition, so that will be on the short list to repair, have surplus pipe/fittings so it'll be quick/cheap.
Installed some salvage wainscote panels instead of the plywood for a better look, it really did spiff up the overall appearance. Next is to prime the walls, wainscote, cabinet and paint all the same color as the downstairs bath. Then seal the subfloor with a couple coats of urethane, cover with adhesive tiles, trim it out and it'll be about done.

Cheap freshening up so far;
floor tiles....26sqft @ $1/sq....$30
primer/paint....leftover from other project...$2
Trim is unexpected turn of events, yet productive.

The free beveled mirror that has been leaning against the wall will get a frame made from lumber milled with chainsaw from our own trees, that will give a nice touch. The other small detail is a shower curtain rod(80"), and a fabric outer shower curtain.

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