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My weekend started Friday morning with straight line winds of 90mph for 30 minutes took out 2 trees, one of which was probably 100+ years old. So Friday from 11 am till 5pm was spent with a chain saw in hand and a 4 year old helper! Woodchuck were are you? Had my 4 year old stand in the tree to put a bit of perspective on how massive this thing is. Thankfully no where near the house.

Saturday new brake rotors and pads all the way around on the van. Plus a visit from my beloved(lol) in-laws to see the new baby.

Saturday night was spent in the mall with my 13 year old daughter looking for the perfect graduation dress. She loves shopping with me as I am a sucker for dropping some serious cash on my girls. Dress, shoes and some fake bling and she was happy.

Sunday church and then dinner at our house with friends.

Monday more tree cutting. Seriously, Woodchuck how far away from SW Missouri do you live?
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