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Our public school district was planning on going full in person on November 9th but with COVID numbers on the rise, teachers quitting, no substitutes to be found and one of the elementary schools having to be shut down for several cases they opted to stick with the A/B hybrid model for the foreseeable future.

Justin's school is also closed for another week for a single case in a classroom that is right off the main entrance. He's doing virtual sessions on his iPad again and I'm sure he's not getting the full benefit. Why can't we do holograms like they have in Star Trek? I say that from the visual interaction, not the tactile. There was a rudimentary technology for it 25 years ago involving overhead lighting and glass prisms that looked like fish tanks. It wasn't quite like Star Trek because it was blurry and the colors were off but it was true 3D projection along the lines of those "moving" stickers they used to have. It's sufficiently different from having to look at a flat screen that it could at least grab the shorter attention spans.
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