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Our county went from "moderate risk" to "high risk" for COVID diagnosis rates this week after we had a couple of days of over 500 diagnoses. In our school districts, we would get reports almost daily about how a single case reported by a staff member would prompt them to close that building for a day and that people in contact with that individual would be contacted offline.

It only seemed to serve to appease parents who Kelly told me were very vocal on Facebook about how it was "unfair" to have the kids stay home. I can only imagine the bellyaching now that they decided to pull the plug on the hybrid model and take two weeks off to see if things would calm down.

Meanwhile, I'm watching our county dashboard and it appears that the curve is flattening but the spike was just a week ago - and it was the biggest yet. I'm thinking it was probably all the election activity that caused it.

Regardless, it didn't really hit home for us until Joe's social studies teacher tested positive. We asked him how close he got to his teacher and he told us 10 feet but never without a mask. We haven't received any direct notification from the school district regarding contact tracing. I strongly feel we need to get tested.

For now, I'm logging into both of the school's virtual classroom dashboards and trying to keep up on his grades. His teachers are not consistently posting the status of assignments and I continue to be frustrated by it. Joe tells me he did them but without proof I cannot believe him.
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