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Default The park bench....

A place to stop by and toss some breadcrumbs about your day.

I am absolutely brimmingover with energy, but the legs are a little wobbly, and its only 30* outside, so here we sit for about an hour to let the outdoors warm up a little.
Then we'll get out, the kids to play and myself to prep a borrowed trailer for parbuckling two 8'6" x 28" red oak logs onto, and the rest of the tree gets butchered into firewood. This all to get done this evening after the wife gets home, so about two hours of good daylight.
Really, I would be happy to just get the logs on the trailer and come home, but if there's still enough light to safely see by, then I'll cut/load until its dark.
Wednesday is the only other dry evening to work this week, since the wife has stuff going on the other days, and thursday well, that's my whim day for another week or two.

I suppose starting a load of laundry to make use of the sunny forecast would be easy enough.


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