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Originally Posted by stretch View Post
Looks like it's the entrepreneurial life for you, Woody. What about starting a tree service? How steep would the startup costs be?
We've thought about that, but after working with the treeguy, I've seen the real side of that business;
Saws: $5500......+ chains,files,oils,
Bucket Lift: $60,000-225,000
Chipper:(used) $20,000
TopKick(chiptruck)(used): $10,000
Trailer for lift: 10,000#gvw, $3500
A truck (used) to tow trailer: $10,000
Liability Insurance, at least one ground guy($12/hr), professional climber when needed($75/hr), workmans comp, and other expenses...

Takes alot of work to generate the seasonal income to cover the payments on that equipment year round, plus money to live on. Getting a loan with hardly a pot to piss in, difficult I imagine.

A tough business to make and grow without a secondary full time income with benefits for a backup and to cover the lean times.

The wife wouldn't allow it on a daily basis, my health won't support a physically demanding job.

Hey, somebody else chime in here with what's going on in your lives today, you know, shopping, classes, playdates, its a thread for topics that don't need their own thread.

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