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Old 07-05-2018, 04:40 PM
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We joined the C.C. Lots of well behaved children in an Olympic sized,well maintained outdoor pool. Grill and bar right there next to pool. Another one not far. Restaurant food delivered poolside if you want.
We got social membership (pool and social events) for 2 bills as year is half over. Veterans discount and ADA compliant. Service Dog Welcome. (Private club- they could say no). We don't golf. Golf membership not bad. Back towards NYC, 5 figures. Here only a 1g. 1400 for golf and social membership. The course was designed by the first President of the PGA, and one of the founders Robert White.
Idea was Pippa is lonely. We been to community pools and the kids are rotten, and so are the parents, and there are water parks nearby, if you don't mind standing in line or sitting at pool with 200 others.
I used to golf 9 holes back in the Navy of Friday's and it counted as PT.
my wife used to as well.
I wonder how to work that out, given my current health situation.
I'm not allowed to be in a pool, doctors orders. (For example)
My brainwaves are so strong, doctors study them.
Quando, omni, flunkus, moritadi.
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Old 07-05-2018, 05:53 PM
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Been a while since I checked in. Been a busy summer so far. This past week we went full-on Clark Griswold and loaded up the the Volks-WagonQueen Family Truckster and took the tribe cross country. Well, a decent portion of it. Set out on Wednesday, June 27, and spent a night in the Chicago area and took the kids to the Legoland Discovery Center. Then drove to Indianapolis and hit the zoo and Children's Museum (HUGE by the way) Thursday into Friday. Then on to the Cincinnati area and spent two days at a Great Wolf Lodge. Sunday in downtown Cincinnati for the Brewers/Reds. Cross the river on Monday to the aquarium in Newport, KY. Drive back to Chicago and spent Monday night. Tuesday went along Michigan Avenue and saw some sights and took our daughter to the American Girl store. Back home Tuesday night. Good Trip!

This weekend it's my wife's family's annual 4th of July gathering in our home town. So heading over there for some more 4th festivities.
"Baseball is a dull game only for those with dull minds."

"Ninety feet between bases is the nearest thing to perfection that man has yet achieved."

Red Smith
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Old 07-06-2018, 02:52 PM
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We’ll be camping in the Adirondacks. We did it last year and both the boys seemed to really like it, so we decided to make it a yearly thing. It’s not hard core camping by any means, but we’ll be doing the sleeping in a tent thing. But we have a little Coleman propane stove, cooler of beer (and something for the kinds if I remember), camp chairs, and little comforts like that. It’s a state run campsite so there are facilities a very short walk from where we set up. We got the same site we had last year so know exactly what to expect.

We’ll do some low key hiking, maybe rent a kayak this year since the camp is right on one of the many large “ponds” up there. Of course hit up the Wild Center because the boys loved that place. Make sure to find a time to visit a couple local breweries and a distillery up there. But mostly just relax away from screens and electorinics and all that. Lately the wife has had her phone in her hand 24/7 and we’ve got a couple “but mommy is always using her phone why can’t I use my iPad!” From the 8 year old. Should be good for everyone.
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