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Old 02-04-2010, 08:34 PM
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Default Some Unrelated Questions

Hello, I have an eight-month old boy that I have been staying home with for five months. So far, so good. I have the childcare part under control for now. These questions are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, so one person probably can not answer all of them.

1. My child is uncircumcised. My wife left the decision up to me, and that's what I chose. Since birth, our baby's doctor has been telling us to try to pull the foreskin back every night when we bathe him. It has been over eight months, and it does not pull back at all. Most websites I find on the net say there is no point in trying this in a baby, because the foreskin will not separate when you have a young baby. The doctor has managed to do nothing but scare me. Any advice?

2. I am a multi-instrumentalist. I play about ten instruments, though none of them do I play particularly well. My kiddo has taken to my ukulele, and has actually made tiny bits of progress. He used to just grab handfulls of strings with his fist and pull as hard as he could. He is now to the point where he gently plucks the individual strings with his thumb and forefinger. Keep in mind he doesn't hold it correctly when he does this, he's only eight months old! He just crawls up to it and plucks the strings with a huge grin. At what age can a child actually begin to learn a stringed instrument? I have gotten great enjoyment out of it for most of my life, and I would like to pass that on.

3. I can't clean. I do all the dishes, all the laundry, but I suck at cleaning. I can find motivation to do a lot of things (walk the dogs for an hour a day, do grocery shopping with the kid every week, 5 loads of laundry, run the dishwasher twice a day), but I can not find motivation for picking up after the boy and vacuuming, stuff like that. Any advice? A reward system for myself, maybe? I suppose the "tough love" answer would be to get my butt off this forum and go clean, but I generally use the child's nap time to catch up on sleep myself. I also maintain a blog, The Stay-at-Home Dad (it's not spamming if my site has no ads, right? =]), but I limit myself to 20 minutes a day maintaining my sites.

Thanks in advance.
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cleaning, coordination, instruments, music, uncircumcised

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