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Old 06-16-2009, 04:03 PM
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Default EA Sports Active

Well my Fathers Day Present arrived yesterday EA Sports Active for the Wii.A friend had suggested it to me. He loves it and is in really good shape so that is a good endorsement for me.

I started the 30 day program last night and it kicked my @$$. The band that comes with it is pretty week, luckily I have two other ones that are a bit tougher. It was a blast and I was surprised how much of a sweat I worked up doing the 20 minute routine. I like it keeps track and you can actually do other exercises too and it adds those to your chart. I decided to goof around with all the sports exercises after the 30 day routine. The heavy bag and baseball hitting were really entertaining... I will have to invest in a mat of some kind. The running parts were a bit tough on arthritic feet.

Who Else Uses it? Have a FAVORITE or DREADED exercise with it?
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Old 06-16-2009, 04:42 PM
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I have had it for about a week and am loving it. I go to the gym and mostly play racquetball(2 hours competitively), and so this makes a perfect addition.

My bands seem perfectly fine, but I also wrap em around my hand a couple of times to make em shorter and tighter.

Just been going through the 30 day workouts so far, haven't tried the extra sports workouts but I really like it alot. I feel myself toning up quite well.

As for things I skip...

Mostly the jumping ones, like squat jump, lunge jump, inline skating without wii board... We have hardwood and the compression coming down on my knees (which are already bad) is not good for them.

Be prepared for lots and lots of lunges and squats. Actually had the workout the other day tell me..."we are gonna let your legs rest today and focus on your upper body." And then it opened with side lunges, went to squats, then alternating lunges... turned out that 8 of my 18 exercises that day were lower body :| I think someone at EA needs an anatomy lesson.
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