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Kwak 07-13-2022 01:18 PM

Good morning,


Originally Posted by Don-Dad (Post 305242)
I think I need my wife to take a trip to Boston, lol. Since we both work from home, we see each other way too often.

LOL. Yeah, it's kind of been a blessing. My wife is back in the office 2 days a week. She's director level now so she makes her own hours but that means that she has to be on early to talk to her European peers and work late for her California peers. She actually bought a little light to keep on her desk that tells me "SHUT UP I'M ON A CONFERENCE CALL" but it's sort of hidden behind a lamp and has been inconsistent with turning it on. Most of the time she's just sitting there staring at her screen (when it's not a MS Teams meeting) and even if I knock (on the French doors that her friends and I installed) she flinches and makes the mad face.


It's not like I drop the F bomb every day!


TwoCubs 07-14-2022 11:38 AM

Good morning, guys.

Kwak, just lock the cat in there with her. That's all I hear about when the needy cat gets locked in the room with her on a conference call.

Kwak 07-14-2022 02:31 PM

Good morning,

The cat is the real queen of the castle here and she's old, spoiled and going deaf. When she meows it literally sounds like a colicky baby. That's why the door is never shut all the way.

BTW, I had a tire blow out on me yesterday. I can't recall the last time I had that happen. It wasn't a matter of running over something either; the sidewall blew out and it was completely flat in under 5 seconds. Fortunately it didn't happen on the highway and I was able to pull on to a side street and get the donut installed in about 15 minutes. What's comical is that as we were driving home I could see a wrecker tailing me like a vulture because I was driving like I was disabled. The stink of it is I just replaced the front pair which were going bald and now I have to replace the rear pair. FML.

Anyhoo, time to do some price checking on tires. I'd planned on mulching the back yard but I'd rather do it while the neighbor's kids aren't playing on the other side of the fence. After having one unruly kid who would run into people's houses to look for candy it's odd that now I'm the Mister Wilson.

TwoCubs 07-15-2022 12:06 PM

Good morning, guys.

Kwak, the Michelin Defenders are nice, but all of them are expensive. Don't mess around on the tires. I figure that I'm buying peace-of-mind, when spend an extra $30 or $40 a tire.
Stay safe.

P.S. Tirerack is a good place to find some good ratings for use (highway, off-road) and your particular vehicle.

Don-Dad 07-15-2022 02:05 PM

My brother had a tire on his new to him car (less than 5K in miles) blow out after hitting a curb, he ended up buying 4 new tires. He was like 900 miles from home.

Some jack-off stole my spare tire one time my old Mazda MPV Minivan, luckily I never needed it.

I carry a can of fix-a-flat in the trunk near my spare tire. I probably will jinx myself but I have not had to fix a flat since I was like 20 years old.

My current car is on its second set of tires, 75,000 miles total, but maybe 30,000 on the current tires. I try to rotate them about every oil change. We drive so much less now than ever and own only 1 car. We put about 10-11,000 miles on per year and close to 50% of that is a drive to or 2 to Texas and NY.

Kwak 07-15-2022 05:54 PM

Good day, I was working in the yard before the neighbors could get a Romper Room play date going so I haven't checked in before now. I got a good half day's worth of yard work in. It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm planning on enjoying myself and may fire up the fire pit in the evening; we have a 10 mile bike ride planned during the daylight hours.

As for the tires, I actually ended up going to the dealership. I called NTB and inexplicably they told me I should try there. I did and the tires were actually about $100 less apiece, which is weird. I ended up having them do the rear pair, a 4 wheel alignment and an oil change for less than $400. I should've gone there in the first place, but my experience with dealerships has often been bad.

TwoCubs 07-16-2022 02:53 PM

Good morning, guys.

Wow. The best dealership experience that I have involved me forking over way too much money for a part that I could get no where else.

:clap: Good for you, Kwak. It must be that birthday luck. Go buy a lotto ticket.

Happy birthday, old man!:party1:

DC 07-17-2022 06:34 AM


went for a testicular cancer screening due to pain Ive been having for a bit. Turns out Im cancer free, pain is due to age, BUT Im infertile. Fiance figured that for a bit. We are considering adoption or surrogacy.

almost done with pre-meds.

TwoCubs 07-18-2022 11:30 AM

Good morning, guys.

Just a couple more weeks until school starts. What a baked summer!

Kwak 07-18-2022 01:00 PM

Good morning,

Today is the third day of rain. Yay Pittsburgh. Way to keep things to form.

I banged up my knee Saturday on my bicycle after having a couple too many. The swelling has gone down and it never really hurt so I don't have a limp but knees are funny things.

DC, it's good to see you but get yourself right physically and get a prenup before considering on bringing a child into your partnership. Kids are a life and relationship changing event. That's all I should say on that.

TwoCubs 07-19-2022 10:37 AM

Good morning, guys.

I hope the bike survived. :chugchug:

Kwak 07-20-2022 01:05 PM

Good morning, it's going to be HOT.

The bike has lots of scratches but the frame is solid. I took the bike for a ride yesterday in the woods where such frolicking is more appropriate. I wore all my padding and bug spray too.

More importantly the swelling on my knee has gone down about 98%. It looked like a doorknob on Saturday.

TwoCubs 07-21-2022 11:52 AM

Morning, guys.

Yep. About an hour ago, the outside temperature on the deck was 80 degrees with 82% humidity. It's going to be nasty today.

P.S. Our electric bill hit new highs for the last two months. It's rarely over $300 a month. This last bill was over $460. With that, gas, and food, the budget is getting tight. Oh, and the water rates have increased, so our water bill is also going up.


Don-Dad 07-21-2022 01:01 PM

Yeah man, everything on the rise, well gas prices have come down just under $4, paid $3.89 last week with my grocery store discount.

I'm cooking a brisket flat on the smoker this morning. This is maybe my 5th one, I'm batting .500, 2 came out pretty decent and 2 not as good, still able to eat but not as good as I'd like. It rained already once so I might be getting wet today when I go to check. I have one of those wireless thermometers so I can keep an eye on the internal temp. I've watched hours of videos on how to smoke these damn flats.

DC 07-23-2022 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by Don-Dad (Post 305266)
Yeah man, everything on the rise, well gas prices have come down just under $4, paid $3.89 last week with my grocery store discount.

that's amazing! lowest it is here is $5.75. Still $6-$7 in most places. Doesn't it take like 8hrs to properly smoke a brisket? Good luck either way hope it comes out great.

Kwak, ditto man. Wish there was a way but sadly no more on getting better physically. Absolutely on the prenup. And well said on kids Though its a long shot though, due to the expenses of either option first off. Also due to nearing my 50s I know I should decide sooner or later. More so need to get on getting services through regional center that is much needed and that have been denied/ignored for so long.

Got back into the model kit building bug after taking my family friends kids to anime-expo recently. Fiance found out later on the amount of kits I bought, she mad but well, you only live once lol

TwoCubs 07-25-2022 12:35 PM

Good morning, guys.

Low and slow. Though, I tend to smoke boneless pork shoulders.

A/C rant later.

Don-Dad 07-26-2022 02:00 PM

It's been a sticky few weeks, cut the air with a knife. Work sucks lately, makes for rough mornings.

And the freakin dog let some anal gland go last night in our bed, always pleasant to wake up to.

And the kicker, my back is sore as shit. Maybe I should have posted this in the BLEEP thread, lol!

TwoCubs 07-27-2022 10:58 AM

Morning, guys.

Did a sleep study last night at home. Feel like crap. I hope the day goes better.

TwoCubs 08-01-2022 10:25 AM

Good morning, guys.

The first day of school has arrived! It's only half of a day, but I'll take it.

Don-Dad 08-02-2022 02:38 PM

I saw a school bus drive by here today, reminding me to stay off the roads around 3:00 :)

My wife returns from her trip to NY, her uncle passed last week, he lived in Florida and they flew his body up Wednesday. They missed the first flight, I wonder how that works, did they just not drive the body or just plain late, must be awkward explaining that to your boss.

He was 80 years old, a decent dude, meet him numerous times including spending some time with him in Florida where my son thought he was cool since he carried a gun. He was a repo man in Boston for over 20 years. He was also a gay man but you would have never known unless someone told you. Must have been hard for him growing up. I think that's why he left Central, NY, and never came back but to visit.

It's been quiet here and I think I get more done between actual job work and working around the house.

I was hitting the gym pretty hard all week too but managed to gain 1lb, damn M&M's, lol!

TwoCubs 08-03-2022 10:42 AM

Good morning, guys.

Today is the first full day of school. My parents will also be returning and taking their dogs home. We will finally have an atmosphere of normality, for us at least, in our schedules. I've been so stressed-out.

Kwak 08-03-2022 12:26 PM

Good morning, guys,

The 3 of us just spent a week down in St. Pete/Clearwater Beach to celebrate my wife's birthday. We got some sun and pampered ourselves.

No sooner were we back in the car last night though and I get a call that my mom is on her way to the hospital for a nose bleed that wouldn't stop. I'm putting the rest in the F! thread.

Don-Dad 08-03-2022 02:11 PM

First morning back with my wife sleeping in the bed after her trip to NY. I slept like shit, both dogs are in and out of the bed all night but with the wife back, they tend to bump into me constantly.

TwoCubs 08-08-2022 10:32 AM

Good morning, guys.

Yeah, nothing quite like getting to sleep in your own bed.

The summer stretches on. We seem to be getting all of the rain that we missed in June. The garden is growing, and my carolina reapers are turning.

Kwak 08-08-2022 01:42 PM

Good morning,

I snore and we have a cat so I sleep in the spare bedroom. It's good to be able to stretch out - and close the door. Meanwhile, my wife is getting walked on and meowed at to roll over or lift the covers half the night while I'd probably sleep right through it.

Anyway, today is the first day of band camp so I got Joe out the door at 7:45 - which IMO is a downright miracle. Even better is that I got his birthday present early - a shiny new red lawnmower. To add to the surprise I'm going to insist he play with it in the back yard this afternoon.

Seriously, I did the front with the old mower which has a blown drivetrain so I got my exercise this morning - and I don't mean just lifting it into the shopping cart because I (with my pear shaped body, graying beard and reading glasses) had help. In addition, I flashed my veteran's card and got $50 knocked off the price.

Kwak 08-09-2022 02:58 PM

Good morning.

Don-Dad 08-09-2022 03:56 PM

Morning is almost over. Cooler here so far today.

I might have a follow-up to a PT job I interviewed for yesterday. Though I really thought he offered me the job but in responding telling him I would take it, he said I was the top candidate and no job offer as of yet.

It would be nice to have a new project and the extra money. This place sells wine in the great LA area, I would work on their web presence and try to expand sales. Guy seemed decent and not too much younger than me.

TwoCubs 08-10-2022 10:33 AM

Good morning, guys.

Not much going on here. My parents picked-up their aging lab yesterday. We've had her here for most of two weeks and may have to watch her again in a couple days. She's been a major source of stress lately (difficulty climbing two or three steps and getting-up off of the floor), so I'm not looking forward to keeping her again.

Kwak 08-10-2022 11:25 AM

Good morning,

Is the lab a good dog otherwise? Have they taken it to the vet recently? It almost seems cruel to have her not only suffer but to foist her on other people.

Mark B. 08-10-2022 12:57 PM

Good morning. The North East heat wave is over! Rough 7-10 days.

As for Lab dogs, I just don't get them. Talk about dogs that get old and expensive fast.

Kwak 08-10-2022 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by Mark B. (Post 305294)
Good morning. The North East heat wave is over! Rough 7-10 days.

As for Lab dogs, I just don't get them. Talk about dogs that get old and expensive fast.

Good morning, I'll take temperatures in the 70s any day, but I'd like to have sunshine and not the constant chance of rain.

Mark, I'm lumping in Golden Retrievers (the powder puff of large dogs IMO) to your sentiment. Even full size poodles are better watch dogs. My in-laws had two goldens ad fed them poorly and gave them little exercise. Both died of cancer. Whoever invented "Frosty Paws" needs to be force fed that crap for 9 years and see how long they live.

Don-Dad 08-10-2022 06:45 PM

I have 2 Australian shepherds and one is a giant amongst other Aussies but he did get gain way too much weight during COVID, it was some snacks but really most was just feeding too much or using the recommended serving size on the bag. He's down over 10lbs the past 6 months. He hit 98lbs and then the vet said "Don't let him hit 100lbs". I switched vets like 6 months later and he was 109lbs! He gets walked almost every day weather permitting and sometimes twice a day. Last time he weighed 98lbs, 3 or 4 months ago, I'm hoping he's under 95lbs now. Most people think my Aussie is a Bernese Mountain dog since he has the same markings and is nearly as big as a female Bernie.

He is a big dog, but he should weigh around 85 - 90lbs. My other Aussie is average size at about 62lbs.

You can see them on Instagram.

TwoCubs 08-11-2022 10:43 AM

Morning, guys.

The lab is getting close to the end, and my parents are having to clean out my grandparents' house lately inhabited by my recently deceased hoarder uncle. So, I've got to watch the animals while they are out. The benefits of being the closest child.

It's extra work, and we really don't need it. The lab is a constant reminder of why we don't own a dog anymore.

Kwak 08-11-2022 11:17 AM

Good morning. Been at it since 4am. Wife is having medical work done. I'll be running around for 6 weeks like a chicken with my head cut off.

TwoCubs 08-12-2022 10:42 AM

Good morning, guys.

I have been sofa king tired lately.

I've got to get the yard cut today and the bushes trimmed.

Kwak 08-12-2022 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by TwoCubs (Post 305299)
Good morning, guys.

I have been sofa king tired lately.

I've got to get the yard cut today and the bushes trimmed.

Good morning,

I see you woke up with intention this morning. I hope your wife was agreeable! ;o)

TwoCubs 08-15-2022 10:49 AM

Good morning, guys.

Yeah, well, hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Another Monday, another week. Lots of appointments this week. I'm hoping they all go well. Oh the joy of getting older.

Kwak 08-15-2022 01:08 PM

Good morning,

I'm battling the sniffles. It's likely ragweed or dust or cat hair or whatever. Trust me, that's it. I burned two COVID home tests over it this weekend.

Meanwhile, today's agenda is to tackle the back to school paperwork. Guess what's at the top of the list?

Kwak 08-16-2022 02:38 PM

Good morning,

I'm loving the temperatures being in the 70s but I still need to get the motivation to exercise more. My wife and I have been trying to go for a walk after she clocks out every day but it's not enough IMO. I just added another upgrade to my bike though so I'm looking forward to that. I just hope I don't hurt myself by overdoing it. It's a fine line this getting old thing.

Don-Dad 08-16-2022 02:45 PM

I'll take mid 70's and sunny every day of the week with enough rain to keep things green :)

I've mowed my grass about every 4 days since we had quite a bit of rain the past 2 or 3 weeks. I mowed last night, usually wait until about 7:30pm (or 9:00am), then a little weed trimming, blow the grass of the driveway and come in all full of grass and sweat.

One of my dogs has a hyperextended elbow and strained bicep. The other dog who outweighs him by 30+ lbs was trying to molest him and when he got away, he injured himself. That was a $275 vet bill and it's tough keeping him from running on his bad leg, he visibly limps until the meds kick in, then it's not as noticeable and he wants to play fetch.

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