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I've been neglecting this thread. Wife's going away November 4-9 for her sister's 40th with her other sister and their Mom. I was trying to think of something to keep me occupied and have some fun. I thought, "If I don't have day work by then, or at least those days, I can lock myself up with my guitar by day and play until my fingers bleed to make up for the time I never get."

Then I realized, the reason she's able to get those days away is because there's no school Thursday and Friday because of teacher conventions, meaning my kids are home too. Monday's the only work day she's missing. Any Jersey dads either wanna get together or have any ideas what I can do with the boys? 7 & 5, both with autism, love to run off in opposite directions with a precision that makes me suspect either telepathy or preplanning involved, so I have to get them out to do something.

Good news is I have babysitting coverage that Saturday night, so I can do the gig with my band that night.

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