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Originally Posted by SpinningDad View Post
Seems like there are still one or two people who still use this forum. I was active many years ago however lost the site when I changed computers and life got busy then. I found it again the other day in my bookmarks, however, noticed I lost my old account. I tried to get it back however my email didn't work so I started a new account instead.

My two kiddos are now teens and my bride and I are no longer fostering kids. After 10 plus years, and 52 children we are done. My wife went back to school to become a nurse and get her master's and I went back into IT and teaching. However, with the world of COVID, I am back home taking care of the kiddos and doing homeschooling with them while to wife works. My body seems to want to give up at times and learning I am not as young as I once was. So anyway that's me. I will try to connect again.


I did a search, seems your screen name could have been floridamcmarion1 email address was "floridamcmarion1 - at -"
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