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I love playing with the panfish!
Always productive, with sunglasses on, you can usually see them.
I'd love to catch the monster trout or large mouth bass, but when fishing with children, it's a guaranteed home run! And fun. Just kind slow drift the bait on the surface, and when it gets bumped, give it a little twitch.
We have a 169 acre lake in our community, and it too is shallow, 6-7 feet at most.
Because we are on a lake, there isn't much dry fly action, so there is no need for a fly rod/reel combo. I use a lightweight zebco rod and slingshot reel.
I keep a nice assortment of lures and flies, all handmade by me.
I made a thread sometime ago under "general" titled "squish it!". Crappy photos of some of my early work. Can google "wooly bugger fishing fly" to see photo of the STANDARD.
For panfish:
improved mcginty (a wingless bumble bee)
wooly bugger, white, olive and black. Use white first, then olive then black.
muddler minnow
silver outcast
blacknose dace
crickets and grass hoppers
foam spiders
cork poppers
floating ants (flants)
elk hair caddis
parachute adams
wooly worms
pheasant tail nymph
gold ribbed hairs ear nymph
zug bug
partridge and orange
partridge and green
light cahill
black gnat
yellow sally

What I normally do is put a cork bobber on like 6 ft from the hook to help me cast them out, because they are weightless and need to be on the surface or just under the surface (in the film).
I could box some up for ya. still not sure what to charge, because it is my hobby, not a job.
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